(5ML) ALL NATURAL HEALING BALM (25 pck: Normal/Dry Skin)



This is an oil based balm, great for normal/dry skin types. Our all natural healing balm will help enhance your healed results, and keep your clients happy and comfortable. Give this balm to your clients to take home to heal their PMU, Tiny Tats, or Brow Lamination. Their retention will exceed your expectations with this product, and create the least amount of scabbing possible. This product has been a best seller for over 4 years, and does not disappoint! 


-7ML Tubes for sanitary and convenient application

-All Natural Ingredients

-No nasty fillers or preservatives

-Cruelty Free

-1 tube will last client the initial session AND touchup

-Promotes amazing retention 

-Oil based with essential oils 

-25 PCS in a bag

-Great for PMU brows, PMU lips, Tattoo healing, Lamination aftercare, any dry or cracked skin, etc!! 

🇺🇸 made in the USA 🇺🇸



1. For 1 hr post appointment, have clients blot their brows with a clean tissue to remove lymph. If the oozing dries on their brows, it’ll create massive scabs, and the brows will peel and flake like crazy!

2. Within a few hrs post appointment, have them wash their brows with the aftercare soap you provide. I use our “Mini Candy Cleanse”. 

They're going to:
A. Wash hands
B. Get TINY bit of soap and some water OUTSIDE OF SHOWER
C. Wash gently in direction of hair. It’s a LIGHT swipe, just to help remove excess oil, oozing etc.
D. RINSE THOROUGHLY. Cup their hands with water and rinse to make sure all soap is removed.
E. Pat dry with clean paper towel

3. Wash morning and night for 10 days

4. Apply balm morning and night for 10 days (if you use my balm they will have enough left over for touchup if they’re using it correctly. RICE GRAIN amount will cover BOTH brows. NOT rice grain on each.

5. No getting them wet other than washing OUTSIDE of shower. This includes shower, sweating, sauna, hot tub, ETC.

6. No direct sunlight for 2 weeks

7. NO MAKEUP. LOTION. FACE WASH. SERUMS. SHAMPOO. CONDITIONER Etc can touch them for two whole weeks. After that, avoid all products on them that include active ingredients (acne or anti aging products)

8. NO picking or scratching at scabs. DO NOT sleep on face!


Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Virgin Shea Butter, Coco Caprylate/Caprate, Arnica Extract, Chamomile Extract, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Lavender Oil 

Customer Reviews

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Alex Simpson

(5ML) ALL NATURAL HEALING BALM (25 pck: Normal/Dry Skin)

Leili Khoshbayan
Healing balm

Amazing aftercare cream, my clients and I love it so much.

Beauty Markd
Best healing balm!

I love this healing balm! I use it in my aftercare kits, and it makes my kits so beautiful and professional looking. I much prefer these tubes to a little pat that people have to dig balm out of.

I love this stuff!

I was given this balm by my esthetician when she got finished microblading my eyebrows. I have used the balm now for 7 days and I have fallen in love with it! I have had zero scabs, dryness, flakiness, or itching! I’m so impressed! My eyebrows look exactly the same as the day I got them done. A little goes a long way too! I can’t believe how many uses I got out of this little tube. I came to the website to order more (although they are sold out at the time) because I want to continue using it even after my eyebrows “heal” over. It’s amazing stuff! You’ll just love it so much!

Natalia Rickards
Best healing balm out there!

Literally the best healing balm I’ve ever used. My clients get amazing retention and healing is a breeze. Love this stuff!