Foundations of Fluff

Foundations of Fluff

The “Foundations of Fluff” course is designed for microblading or nano brow artists that are wanting to add natural fluff, texture and movement into their brows.

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Why You Should
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Learn New Patterns

  • Learn Emily's signature fluffy brow patterns that have helped transform her work and set her a part in the PMU industry. She demos three different patterns to do for any client.


Watch 2 Live Demos

  • Watch Emily perform life mapping and live microblading demos! You can see the ins and outs of how she achieves her beautiful, and natural results.


Walk Away With Confidence

  • Understand how to better set yourself up for success with each of your clients, from mapping to microblading.

Gone are the days of stiff, lifeless microblading and boxy, oversaturated brows.

Nakd Beauty

What does this course cover?

In this course you will learn:

- Who is and isn’t a candidate for fluffy microblading

- 4 different fluffy brow patterns

- How to create S strokes, curved strokes, and groupings

- The importance of stroke placement and spacing

- Front stroke variations

- Predrawing your mapping strokes

- Watch 2 live client models

- Photo taking, aftercare and more!

Can I purchase this course if I only offer nano brows and not microblading?

Absolutely! Most of the curriculum is directed toward microblading artists, but the information is easily translated to nano brows as well. The 4 fluffy patterns and front stroke variations can be used by both microblading and nano artists.

Is this course good for beginner or advanced artists?

Both! Whether you’re a newbie in the microblading industry or a seasoned professional, this course has something for everyone! Beginners and advanced artists will benefit from learning new patterns, how to create S strokes and groupings, predrawing mapping, and the importance of stroke placement in a brow.

Can I take this course if I haven’t been trained in microblading?

While it is “beginner friendly”, this is not a beginner course and is designed for microblading and nano artists that already know the basics and are looking to level up their skills and try a new style.

What can I expect as a nano artist?

Emily is a microblading artist, but the patterns taught in this course can be used by microblading or nano artists! This course won’t cover actual nano techniques, but you will learn how you can predraw your mapping, 4 different patterns, front stroke variations and more!

Will I receive a certificate after finishing this course?

Yes! Anyone that finishes this course will receive a certificate of completion.

Is there a time limit on how quickly I need to finish the course?

Once purchased, you will receive lifetime access to this course. You can move through it at your own pace, and be able to refer back to it after completion!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Financing is available through Affirm. Get more details at checkout!

Elevate your work and dive into your artistry by learning how to create beautiful, natural looking fluffy brows on every client!

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About Emily

Emily is the owner and artist of Nakd Beauty, and has been in the brow game since 2017.

After finishing esthetics school, she started working as a wax specialist and quickly fell in love with shaping brows! She took her first microblading course in 2018, and opened Nakd Beauty a couple weeks later.

Emily has always been drawn to full, feathered, fluffy brows and has created her style to reflect that.

Her dislike for how blocky and oversaturated microblading used to be drove her to create more natural patterns: patterns that can be customized to each client, that heal crisp, and last over time! She believes in simplicity, and that good brows don’t need to be complicated.

Her philosophy that we are brow artists fuels her creativity and drive to create natural, fluffy brows for every client.